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Ok Scooter Fans! Here It Is!

It Get's Up To 80 MPG And Moves At Up To 70 MPH Stock!  It's A Very Bad Ass Mid Size Wasp Bike That Has A Lot Of Sting!!!

Check Out The Specs From ETON.

The Latest And The Only Prototype Images So Far In 2009 &2011! Aside From ETON's Images And Personal Owner Images.

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Currently, We Have Collected .PDF Files Regarding This Bike And It's Engine. Check Them Out!

This Info Is Not Provided By Dr. X Media!. The Files Came From A Main Eton Dealership!

".PDF File Library On The 2009 Eton Matrix R4 150!

2009 Matrix R4 150 Spec Sheet (.PDF)
2009 Matrix R4 150 Parts Sheet (.PDF)
2009 Matrix R4 150 Service Manual (.PDF)

Other Related Files Regarding This Short Base GY6 150cc Engine.

GY6 150cc Basic Service Engine Manual (.PDF)
 GY6 150cc Carb Troubleshooting (.PDF)
GY6 150cc Valve Adjustment (.PDF)
Stater System GY6 (.PDF)
 Charging And Electrical System GY6 150cc (.PDF)

Amazing Info! More To Come In Late 2013! & 2014 (We Are Going To Upgrade And Kit This Scooter To Achieve 85 MPH!)

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Stay Tuned!!

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